Shenanigans Night Club - Goose

Record #3

hey you 🥳

today we’re very excited to be listening to a fresh 2-LP limited edition Goose vinyl record that Alex has been checking the mail for daily since March. Considering we kick off our summer tour in Connecticut this weekend to see Goose, this record couldn’t have come at a better time. The beauty this record adds to Our Vinyl Collection is far greater than the magnificent white pressing and iconic cover art.

Shenanigans Night Club

2021, 1 hr 3 min

Want to get to know Goose better? Read more about them here. Even if jam band music isn’t really your thing, I guarantee Goose has a song (or at least a cover of one) you’ll fuck with heavy. That’s just how cool they are.

IG: @goosetheband

Shout out to Alex, once again for putting me on to new tunes to twirl around the world to<3

are you a jam band fan?

see you next tuesday,

Bri Cruz

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